(4 Lessons from an Alley Artist) What I learned From Being an Event Vendor at My First Events

These past 3 months, I’ve been hosting as a vendor at art events at different locations, from Coffee & Water Lab, a specialty coffee shop focused on technology forward brewing methods and quality of craft, to the Jasmine Market, an AAPI focused marketplace aiming to support Asian American Entrepeneurs connect with the creative community!

Just wanted to share these, and that from this experience, heres what I learned from being a vendor that transitioned from an online business to physical, in-person events:

🌸 1. Testing your online business by putting yourself out there at events and seeing how the market reacts is key to iterating on your branding pillars and overall message.

🌸 2. Different customers will have different user flows with your booth, some will want to learn your story, some will want to know all the specs of your product, and others honestly just want a free business card (and i dont mind 😅).

🌸 3. Put the initial effort to setting up a system that works; build a booth that optimizes the best UX and UI from a physical booth standpoint, and be sure to document user feedback and observations as you host. Each negative or positive comment can help you iterate to the perfect booth.

🌸 4. Entrepreneurship is community, not competition; There’s an entire community out there for every niche industry and its important to integrate yourself well with other creators in that space!

More updates on my future pop up events can be found on my instagram (@notebeansstationery) ~ 💛


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