Launching the Notebeans Stationary Holiday Series

After a long three weeks of planning, designing, and finalizing the products, the Notebeans Stationary Holiday 2020 Series is finally here! --

Here is some important information to know about the launch: --

  1. Products included in this series
  2. Where your sticker's profits goes
  3. Whats coming soon in store

Whats included in this series? 

The Notebeans Stationary Holiday 2020 Series includes 3 total items:

  • Paya Santa matte vinyl sticker,
  • a Kato Tree holographic sticker,
  • and a Cozy Holiday sticker sheet

When you purchase an item from this series, where will your money go? 

As Notebeans Stationary's mission is to make a difference through stationary, 70% of the profits earned of your stickers will go directly towards helping students in low-income communities of rural India.

The money will go through Global Giving, a nonprofit organization that helps charity projects worldwide.

Here is the direct link to the project:

What can you expect from Notebeans Stationary in the next few weeks? 

We're currently working on a New Years launch with new stationary items and a potential giveaway with other organizations. 

Stay tuned through our following platforms!

  • instagram: @notebeansstationary
  • youtube: @notebeans cafe
  • etsy:
  • virtual business card:

Thank you so much for all your support, it means the world to me ☺❤

- Madeline,

Notebeans Stationary Founder

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