Unglamored X Notebeans Stationery A Brighter Place Quote Premium Sticker


Here is the third stationery item: the A Brighter Place Quote Premium Sticker !

This piece was greatly inspired by the city skylines and night life of Shanghai, China, where Rose B.D. goes through her personal development journey within Unglamored. 

Over the past 5 months, I've been working closely with author Jessie Cheng, my dear friend, on a collection of stationery pieces to go with her newly published book, Unglamored.

The novel tells the story through Rose’s story, where Jessie shines a light on the inadequate conversation surrounding mental health within the entertainment industry. In Unglamored, beauty standards within Asian culture are challenged, the power of celebrity influence is recognized, and readers are reminded that true healing comes through vulnerability and meaningful human connection. 

The collection contains four different stationery items for sale: 

  • city skyline paper bookmark
  • a Rose B.D. premium sticker
  • a Shanghai City Skyline premium sticker
  • a Brighter Place Quote premium sticker

There are no returns for these items, and books can be purchased separately at: 


I hope you guys love these stationery designs as much as we do! 

- Madeline Liu (Illustrator) & Jessie Cheng (author)

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