what started as a quarantine hobby

ended up becoming my first small business.

My name is Madeline, im a digital artist, founder, and illustrator behind Notebeans Stationery, an art and stationery brand aiming to bridge creative culture and humanitarian causes!

I started this project back in 2020 aiming to generate donation funds for the 2020 California Wildfire Project, and I have now up to date successfully donated +$200 using the 70% of my sales profits towards several international charity projects through Global Giving. Click to see our other projects we've donated towards.

creative community

Since May 2022, I've been hosting monthly (if I can) as a pop up vendor at marketplaces in the Bay Area in California. Check out the full list of pop up events through the side menu on this site or click here!

If you are an artist or someone who loves to see art or support creatives, I hope to see you there!

Follow us on Instagram (@notebeansstationery) to see updates as well!

Be a part of bridging creative culture and humanitarian causes.

50-70% of the profits from stickers, prints, and large prints that you buy will be donated towards one of Global Giving’s hundreds of global charity projects.

My dream is to create a brand that bridges creative culture and humanitarian causes.

My original characters, Kato the cat, Paya the penguin, and Kuma the Samoyed welcome you to our journey!

- Madeline, founder of Notebeans Stationery

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