Bangkok Guide: Thonglor, Coffee, and Beautiful Sights

If you’re thinking of visiting Thonglor region of Bangkok—one of the busiest and luxurious regions in Thailand, read in this guide about my favorite spots, coffee shops, illustrations I created, and some tips on how to find specialty cafes. 

Where is Thonglor?

  • Thonglor is a stylish hangout spot in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Design Focused: previously residential, now is a design hub with creative crowds. 
  • The region has both an incredible day time and night life
  • Transportation: the area is extremely walkable, and a tuk tuk is just a few minutes away to help you get around!

What does this guide include?

  • Illustration Introduction + Photo Spot
  • Coffee Recommendations
  • Extra Activities


Take a Deep Breath - Digital Illustration by Notebeans Stationery 

If you see the illustration above, you might be wondering where this illustration was based off of?

This was located at Tichuca Bar, a beautiful rooftop bar in Bangkok, Thailand!

You enter via a hotel lobby and are guided to the beautiful bar with music, drinks, and a STUNNING view.

I’m not a huge drinker, but as an enjoyable spot, I loved their:
  • Beautiful decoration
  • Delicious Drinks
  • Breathtaking view


What are some of the coffee places I visited?

Red Diamond Coffee:
  • Smaller interior
  • Intimate and coffee-educated experience
  • Brand is bold and growing



Arabica Coffee:

  • Ikon Siam location was incredibly large and stunning
  • Wide selection of pourovers
  • Expanded chain, accessible in multiple parts of Thailand (and the world)


How can I tell the quality of coffee?

  • At the end of the day, your favorite cup of coffee is whatever you enjoy the most! With milk, black, doused in sugar, its completely up to you.
  • Specialty coffee is a part of the coffee industry that aims to combat issues that previous generations couldn’t overcome.
  • Coffee has three primary waves, which you can read about in another article I will write. Currently, we are in the third wave.
  • This generation of coffee focuses on lighter roasts, flavor profiles, ethical sourcing (ie. Fair trade), beautiful store designs, and highly educated baristas and customers.
  • When I look at places, I’ll typically look for these symptoms:
    • Medium/light roast
    • Roast dates labeled on roasted bean bags for sale
    • Pourover menu selection
    • “Cortado“ on their menu
    • Consistent latte art designs and milk textures
  • These are definitely not hard and fast rules, but they typically tell me a little bit more about how dedicated a coffee business was towards their craft.
  • As someone aspiring to own their own cafe and coffee business, this is something I appreciate at the very least.


Does ambiance matter?

  • Design is a beautiful edition and can often times make or break the store’s traffic.
  • However, beyond the ambiance is the knowledge and experience of the store’s owner and baristas.
  • Coffee is a creative business, which means that there is a creative component and a business component.
  • The best tasting coffee will often come from places who mastered the craft first before this business.
  • This is similar to starting an art store, becoming a video creator, etc. Craft before business survives.

    Other Activities

    Getting Your Nails Done:

    Visiting Ikon Siam, Thailand’s Expensive Mall Project:


    Icon Siam is one of Thailand’s MOST expensive project to attract tourism and global visitors. 

    There were wonderful night markets, beautiful products and small food shops, and incredible interior design. 

    We found another HUGE Arabica store that emulated a minimalist, white laboratory. They had a delicious pourover selection as expected and an incredible platform within the mall to showcase their coffee offerings. 

    Surprisingly, this store was also open late, we swung by around 6 or 7 PM and the shop was still serving customers. 



    When you step outside, you can also find BEAUTIFUL firework showings from boats about every hour or so.

    Just one more beautiful thing to add to the liveliness of Bangkok, Thailand. 

       Are you visiting Bangkok, Thailand son? 

      • Have you visited Thonglor area of Bangkok, Thailand? When is your next trip?
      • Miles Per Bean is a blog meant to share my learnings as a digital illustrator, specialty coffee lover, and introspective person.
      • Email me at your thoughts on these recommendations or some of YOUR favorite spots!

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