february shop update: art prints, wallpapers, and more πŸ’•

Happy February!Β 

Its a new month and a new season for self care, acts of kindness for others, and of course, a new shop update for Notebeans Stationary πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

This month, I've decided to launch a few new products and features:Β 

  • Art Prints
  • Digital Wallpapers (FREE)Β 
  • Live Chat Function

With the current global pandemic, I felt like it was easy for us to neglect our personal space and let it grow stale as we wait for the world to resume.

However, your room should support and embody you for your personality traits!

We should surround ourselves with belongings that hold happiness and value (not necessarily expensive) within our life.Β 

I hope that these new physical prints can freshen your space, while the new (free) digital wallpapers can change the dynamic on your phone lockscreen and homescreen.Β 

All the best,Β 

Madeline πŸ₯³πŸ’–

Notebeans Stationary Founder and Designer

[P.S. I hope the live chat function will be helpful if you have any questions at any point in time. I'm here to help make your Notebeans Stationary experience the best!]

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