Notebeans Stationery

The dreamy adventures of Kato the cat, Paya the penguin, and Kuma the Samoyed. 

What is Notebeans Stationery?

Notebeans Stationery (@notebeansstationery on Instagram) is a for-profit online art and stationery business that aims to bridge creativity and kindness—through generating donation funds for charity projects around the world. 

We partner with Global Giving and their hundreds of donation projects in order to donate 50% of our profit's funding to help the many humanitarian causes they support.




The business first began with me (Madeline), the founder.

The Itch: Around August of 2020, I remember the California wildfires and firefighters fighting for their lives to protect others. I felt really guilty for not being able to make impact while the teams were sacrificing their lives.  With this cause, I decided that if I could spend $20 on something unnecessary on online shopping, I could use this money for something better. So I decided to combine my love for stationery and social entrepreneurship to produce what Notebeans Stationery is today.

The first sticker: I created a sticker design, Apeach Boba, which went viral amongst my friends and family. I decided to create more designs, and ended up falling down the rabbit hole of digital illustration — after locking this creative side from my life for so long. 

The three characters: from these illustrations came Kato the cat, Paya the penguin, and Kuma the Samoyed. These three characters to me represented my creative journey — (Kato) the acceptance of our flaws, (Paya) the constant discipline and showing up for yourself, (Kuma) and the joy and inspiration I get from visual arts. My vision is to capture the dreamy adventures of these three characters in two ways: the journey they take in the worlds I create and the lessons I learn through my creative process. 

The Mission: my mission is to bridge creative culture and humanitarian causes, though my illustrations and through building community around Notebeans Stationery.

Why You? If you relate to the dreamy adventures of my three characters and the many emotions and life experiences I try to capture with them, I hope to keep you on this journey. Kato, Paya, and Kuma, are here to bring you joy and acceptance for the unknown :) 

What kind of impact have we made?  

As of now, we have raised $700 USD in donation funds towards global charity projects around the world through Global Giving towards projects like the

Improving Maternal and Child Health in Madagascar

Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund

Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund by Global Giving,

Providing A Home for Orphaned Children in Bali hosted by the Bali Life Foundation,

Keep 1000 Malawian Girls through school by the Waqful Waqifin Foundation,

and the California Wildfire Relief Fund 2020 hosted by Global Giving. 

Meet the Characters


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Hope to see you there! 

Thanks for choosing us ;)