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Join these three friends on their dreamy adventures throughout imagined universes, stories, and emotions captured. My creative mission is to capture the meaningful moments of life that are often not portrayed enough, and to storytell my characters through each of those emotions. 

50% of profits from prints are donated to Global Giving's charity projects as always. 

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Meet the three characters:


Kato the Cat

A periwinkle cat with a grumpy face. Kato is loving, kind, but takes some time to warm up to you. 


Paya the Penguin

A papaya colored albino penguin from the South Pole. Paya is a world champion baker, and is always there as a constant friend to listen to you. 


Kuma the Samoyed

A cream colored Samoyed with a big fluffy fur coat. Kuma has a unique red flower birthmark on her forehead, and is always smiling! She can befriend anyone, even bees!

And their three human counterparts...

Purple haired girl illustration

Kato Character Concept

Kato the cat's human counterpart, Astrid, that meet in another dimension. She's adventurous, rebellious, and seeks self-discovery. 

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Ethereal Portrait drawing of a girl wearing a pink dress

Paya Character Concept

Paya the penguin's human counterpart, Maya. She's soft spoken, intelligent, and emotionally aware. 

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Girl in beanie

Kuma Character Concept

Meet Kai, the human counterpart for Kuma. She's quirky, inroverted, and seeks self-acceptance.  

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Latest Art


Ethereal Bouquet

When dreams come true, accept this beautiful ethereal bouquet of flowers. 


Golden Rain

When Astrid, Kato's human self stepped out, golden rain began to drip on her shoulders. Suddenly, it felt like a huge relief--she was reassured everything would be okay. 


Coffee for 3

Inspired by the coffee culture in urban cities, join Kato, Paya, and Kuma in a delicious coffee adventure. 

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Souffle Pancake

Just three friends wandering on a souffle pancake.

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Rise of the Sun Dragon

Imagine if there was a Sun Dragon responsible for painting the colors of all the clouds you see at sunset and sunrise. 

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3 Friends At Peace

Imagine you're at peace with yourself. You're living a life you love and everything seems to be okay. 


Good Food Good Life

The essence of a good life. Good food, good company makes up a happy and fulfilled life. 

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Sunny Paya

When the first ray of sunshine hits, that feeling is unforgettable. Here is Paya the penguin and her human self, Maya, in a sunflower garden. 

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Capturing Joy

When travelling, one of my favorite things to do is to capture food, memories, and exploration with the good people in my life. Here's me with Kuma the Samoyed and Paya the penguin. 

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The feeling of tackling a new adventure. Kato the cat and her human self, Astrid, take on a new journey in space. 

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Firework Breath

What if there was someone behind the firewords we see every New Years and July 4th? Imagine if there was a spirit in the sky who was breathing the fireworks we see on festive days. 

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This is the feeling a creative person feels when working in deep flow. Kato, Paya, and Kuma are flying through it with a whale friend.  

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Golden Gate Park

Inspired by a photo I took in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA. A couple having their picnic with their cat as Kato, Paya, and Kuma take a stroll next to them!

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Kuma at Sea

Inspired by the beautiful views at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, CA. Kuma takes a trip at shoreline!

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Dreamline City

Inspired by the beautiful sunset skyline views of buildings in San Francisco, CA. Spot the constellation of Kato the cat in the sky! 

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Kuma at Shinto Shrine

The peaceful moments at a temple. Take a deep breath and just experience the peace and quiet. 

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Sea of Opportunities

That feeling when you're faced with a new stage in life and there is a MILLION ways this could go--what a daunting, nerve-wracking feeling. Regardless, you're ready to face it head on. 

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City Skyline

That feeling on a vacation when you're just so tired, and all you can do is just lie on the hotel bed and go through photos from the day. 

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Iceberg Art

South Pole Meeting

Kato the cat meets Paya the penguin for the first time at the South Pole!

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Campfire Kato

Kato the cat explores the woods and sets up campsite next to a warm fire. 

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Lilypad Kato

Kato the cat swims through a lilypad pond peacefully. 

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