Pop Up Event Lineup: 

Here is the upcoming pop up events for 2024!

Past Events Recap: 

1. Coffee and Water Lab: Mother’s Day  (San Jose, CA) in May 2022; the first of many! 

2. Asian American Association Night Market (Milpitas, CA) in May 2022

3. The Jasmine Market (Los Altos, CA) in June 2022


4. The Jasmine Market: Night Market Edition(San Jose, CA) in July 2022

5. The Jasmine Market: Under the Moon (Los Altos, CA) in September 2022

Haha me stuck under a big bucket hat!!  

5. January 2023: Coffee and Water Lab: Lunar New Year (San Jose, CA) in collaboration with AM Patisserie

Photos from SJ Made team!
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✨ Soaring Lanterns Mini Print,
✨ Totoro Fanart Mini Print,
✨ Cat Boba Sticker, and
✨ Kato Bread Loaf Sticker


6. February 5, 2023: Rabbit Hole Opening Event in Lucky Rabbit Studio

Photos by @xninjason on Instagram ! Thank you Jason!

7. February 11, 2023: Home Coffee Roasters Pop Up (San Francisco Inner Richmond District, CA) 


March 4th and March 5th, 2023: SJMade Friends Fest 2023 

Photos by @xninjason on Instagram ! Thank you Jason!

April 1st to 2nd: OMG Family Food Market in Milpitas Square

Incredible Photos by Jason (@xninjason on instagram)!! Thank you so much!

November 24-25: SJMade Holiday Craft Fair

… more to come… hehe :))