Kato Bread Loaf Sticker


REGULAR ORDERS FOR Notebeans Stationery Friends Bread Sticker Series is here! 

I created these stickers from the feeling of being in flow at cafes and studying with other inspiring people! There’s always the feeling of a synergy of creativity, independence, yet interconnectedness that comes sitting next to other people who also love coffee/tea/ the environment cafes give!Kato, Paya, and Kuma here would definitely agree hehe~

This series contains three sticker designs: 1) kato loaf bread sticker, 2) paya mochi donut sticker, and 3) a kuma croissant sticker!

All stickers are also:
🌸 waterproof, UV resistant (anti yellowing)
🌸 made from a durable vinyl material
🌸 approximately 2 by 3 inches
🌸 70% of each sticker’s profit will be donated towards global charity projects through @globalgiving ! I’ll be making a an end of the year donation announcement soon!

Thank you again for supporting my passion for art and my desire to help others <3 

Let me know if you have any questions, 

DM me at @notebeansstationery on instagram or email me through notebeans.co@gmail.com

Mark your calendars for 12/7 for regular orders! 

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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